Lord Hugh Manton, also known as Earl of Manton, is the husband of Lady Louisa Manton and father of Georgiana Grex. He had a secret affair with Muriel Batley, and possibly other women.

He is a British-Anglican aristocrat that inherited the title from the death of his father. He is quite a fair man and when it comes to friends and employees he doesn't care about mixing classes like his wife. He is respected for this.

Lord Manton takes his wife on board the Titanic, and they decide to take their daughter, who got into trouble, with them at the last minute.

Lord Manton barely survives the sinking, as he didn't board a lifeboat. He was forced to swim in the water for a long time, but a lifeboat pulled him back just in time. Dorothy Gibson uses some brandy to revive him. Later on the Carpathia, he is reunited with his wife.

Lord and Lady Manton appear to get along well with other. They obviously respect each other and enjoy each other's company. Lady Manton loves her husband to the extent of choosing to stay with him rather than getting of the sinking ship.

This shows that she loves him dearly and would rather die than live without him, even when she finds out that he cheated on her with another woman and fathered a child out of wedlock, she stands by him and refuses to leave him. She forgives him for this instantly and tells him that she knows he loves her and that she will stand by him. It is apparent that Lord Manton loves his wife very much even though he cheated on her.


Lord Manton is a warm and loving character down to his core. For example, despite his womanizing life, Lord Manton shares a very loving relationship with Louisa. Lord Manton has also shown great abilities in being chivalrous and good-looking. Lord Manton is a gallant ladies' man, and for all his flirting, he appears to respect all women.